OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. ARMAVIA Air Company starts operating regular flights to Amman “White city” from 13th of June 2012. The flights Yerevan - Amman - Yerevan will be operated on Wednesdays, departure time from Yerevan at 16:00, according to the summer schedule.Amman, is the capital of Jordan, situated at the banks of the river Ez-Zarka, in the south-western part of the country. Amman, is a city on 7 heals, in which ancient and modern architecture are harmonically entangled. From one side it is noisy, strangely planned, but from the other side unbelievably enchanting. About 1.5million people live here.

Amman is called a “White City”, as most of the houses are built from white stone.

The climate is dry and tropical.Amman is a big administrative and business center with beautiful hotels of different categories, night clubs, discos, restaurants, art galleries and museums.

You may do shopping in the old markets, which are called “sook” here.

You may also go to a modern boutique, where you will be offered both imported and domestic goods. The wide rage of food of domestic, European and international cuisines in the restaurants and fast food stands may satisfy even the most demanding customer.

In Amman taxi is the cheapest means of transport.