OREANDA-NEWS.  June 14, 2012. The program of reduction in price lending for affordable housing will be extended at times in subsequent years. This was declared by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov during a Government sitting.

He said he has repeatedly had the opportunity to communicate with citizens who wish to participate in the affordable housing program. These people, said Mykola Azarov, are satisfied with an opportunity to buy housing under favourable terms and at an affordable price: "The appearance of such a program of affordable lending has breathed optimism in society."

One should understand, Prime Minister said, that on the one hand, people invest in their own homes, on the other - invest in construction industry development, from which investments spread into construction materials production, metallurgy, chemical industry, electrical equipment and more. "That is means the citizens invest our entire economy, trust the state. This is the most precious and most important. Namely domestic investment resources should be the basis for sustainable economic development."

Such a process, Mykola Azarov is convinced, will enable extending the program by giving greater number of Ukrainians to solve their housing problems for the accessible money. "Since we are firmly adjusted to expand new lending program for affordable housing in the coming years - are increasing not by few percents but in times - this program should work like clockwork," Prime Minister emphasized.