OREANDA-NEWS. June 20, 2012. The 41th conference “Modernization of Airports. Perspectives and Ways of Development” was held in Moscow, where Domodedovo Airport Handling JSC presented the most advanced technology used in the ground handling of aircraft at Moscow Domodedovo airport.

- As the largest handling enterprise in Eastern Europe, Domodedovo Airport Handling is ready to serve as the locomotive of the industry and to share implementation experience of the latest technologies - said Alexey Kovalev, the company's Managing Director, who delivered a presentation entitled "Overview of Technological Development of Moscow Domodedovo airport in ground handling services " and thus explained the participation of the company in the conference.

The conference participants learned with interest that Domodedovo airport was actively using an innovative method of aircraft maintenance through integrated teams. Under this approach, supervisors, operators of container mechanization, loader drivers, ramp operators, aircraft mechanics, dock workers and other professionals were combined into integrated teams, which have become the single point of responsibility for the quality of service for each specific aircraft.

The establishment of the integrated center of production and flight operation (ICPFO) on the basis of Domodedovo Airport Handling JSC has become another key change in the structure of production resources management at Domodedovo airport. This arrangement significantly improved the quality of production processes.

Domodedovo Airport Handling's sees the introduction of zoning in the organization of aircraft maintenance as one of the directions of its future development, since it allows optimizing the placement of all kinds of resources on the ramp and locating them in separate areas depending on the uniformity of handling flights, servicing volume etc.

The guests and participants of the conference, which was organized by the Airport Association of Civil Aviation, also learned about other innovative technology, which has been used in Domodedovo since February this year. It is anti-icing services of aircraft with the engine running, which allows to reduce the waiting time of departure. In the future this method of aircraft service will be a priority for Domodedovo.

Domodedovo Airport Handling JSC, as the participants had the opportunity to see, complies with the very best international practices and standards of leading handling service companies in the world.