OREANDA-NEWS. June 21, 2012. PwC Russia's Moscow office played host to the first anniversary meeting of the Sochi-2014 Partners HR Club. At this special meeting, the participants gathered to discuss corporate volunteerism and celebrate the Club's first year of existence, reported the press-centre of PwC.

During the formal HR Club business meeting, Sochi-2014 representatives spoke in depth on the Volunteer Programme, and how a similar project was implemented at the previous Games. In addition, they presented the main stages of the volunteer recruitment promotional campaign, and announced the Olympic Boost for Volunteers programme, which helps Sochi-2014 partners spread the word among their employees about the Olympic Movement and volunteering at the Games, demonstrating the various options for becoming a volunteer.

The official programme continued with a presentation by Svetlana Simonenko, managing partner of the Detech group, who told Club members about her company's collaboration with Sochi-2014 in the area of personnel assessment and development programmes as well as volunteer selection methods. Next, Tigran Pogosyan, deputy general director for strategic projects at MegaFon, presented his company's highest-profile joint projects with other Sochi-2014 partners to the Club members. Then, his colleagues Igor Timofeev, corporate events manager, and Olga Filatova, head of personnel policy, shared their HR experience gained from their Sochi-2014 partnership. Continuing this theme, Anastasia Nefyodova, public relations manager at Procter & Gamble, a Worldwide Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), spoke about events to support the Olympic Movement that her company has held among its employees in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, as well as similar projects carried out in cooperation with the Sochi-2014 Organizing Committee.

The meeting wrapped up with a discussion among all HR Club members about best practices in personnel management, followed by a celebration of the Club's first-year anniversary.