OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. After more than a year of painstaking research, recently, independently developed by Baosight Software, the new generation of integrated world first class monitoring command platform is born, reported the press-centre of Baosight.

The integrated monitoring command platform is a large integrated command platform combining real-time process monitoring, massive data processing and storage, alarm linkage, intelligent collaborative command and has characteristics such as centralized management, decentralized control, comprehensive monitoring and safety interlock.

Since 1999, Baosight began independent research and development of the integrated monitoring command platform. For more than 10 years, Baosight continuously optimizes various functions, upgrades the platform and plays an important role in promoting China's acceleration in the localization process of the intelligent monitoring products. Today, the platform has been widely used in many large and medium-sized projects and provided a complete, comprehensive and integrated monitoring and management program for our municipal engineering, industrial control, rail transportation, intelligent building, intelligent transportation, mining, petrochemical emergency, water conservancy industrial users.

In the research and development of the new generation of integrated monitoring command platform, Baosight closely tracks the user's needs and in the improvement of the system upgrading, solves 133 items of user needs, 563 test defects and on-site feedback defects and achieves a new version of "more handy, more efficient, more colorful" R & D objectives. Baosight's new generation of integrated monitoring command platform is newly added with server management, online configuration and object model template automatic update features. It has more vivid and intuitive user interface, the project cycle is shorter and maintenance cost is lower. Its comprehensive performance reaches the international advanced level. In addition, users can also    do platform  secondary development according to their own individual needs.