OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. The automobile plant of KAMAZ launched high-volume production of vehicles with solid metal cord tires made by Nizhnekamskshina.

Some time ago, JSC Tatneft commissioned a plant for production of KAMA solid metal cord tires with the use of know-how of Continental (Germany). These truck and bus solid metal cord tires are on a par with analogous globally-known brands. The rubber mix manufacturing technology means the use of a large amount of natural rubber and silica to ensure the high quality of products and high-level customer properties.

KAMA solid metal cord tires feature high durability and reliability. They make it possible to increase vehicle capacity by 8%. A retreading feature increases tire life up to 500,000 km. And a thick tread layer improves this characteristic, which is very important for drivers, by 20% in comparison with other solid metal cord tires. Fuel economy ranges from 10 to 15%. In addition, the triangular frame of the breaker also saves up to 5% compared with other solid metal cord tires. Tubeless tires with solid metal cord meet European environmental standards. They have already shown their advantages being used in the construction of KAMAZ’s best seller – KAMAZ-65115. The AirKeep® technology applied in the production provides a stable pressure in tires up to 3 months without pumping, which leads to the evenness of the wear and tear on the tires and, therefore, increases their service life.