OREANDA-NEWS. This spring BTA Bank made drawing of prizes among holders of BTA Credo cards. Ms. Nurgul Ungarbayeva and Alexandr Astashkin have won the prizes.

It is notable that both winners are experienced users of BTA Bank’s credit cards. Ms. Nurgul lives in Kyzylorda region and executed the card five years ago. - This product is very convenient, - Nurgul said, - the card saved me a lot of times including during travelling. What will I do with the prize? I’ll deposit money to Credo!

Mr. Alexandr Astashkin from the North Kazakhstan region is very happy to be the winner. What he will do with the money he will decide together with his wife: - I have been holding BTA Bank’s credit card for four years already. If it were not so convenient, I would have changed it long ago. Now I cannot imagine how I can do without my “bank in the pocket”. Every person wishes to live good life at the moment without waiting for the money saved.

There is no need to talk about convenience of credit cards: most Kazakhstan people are aware that it is easier to execute a credit card rather than apply for a loan each time expenses arise, report on the reasons or make numerous payments. Instead we need to explain what is so convenient in Credo card.

- The main particular feature of our card, - says Ms. Olga Shlenkina, deputy head of BTA Bank’s retail lending division, - is four debt repayment schemes. It’s up your choice whether you repay debt at once or install 10% or 20% of the outstanding amount. Other option is installing 6% of the card limit monthly. Besides, the last option with the fixed payment is the most comprehensible for the customers. For example if the limit is KZT 100,000 you will repay 6,000 monthly, irrespectively whether you utilize the whole or part of the limit. What changes is term of loan repayment. In any case you definitely know the amount of monthly payment that enables to plan expenses in the family budget.

Another convenience of the credit card is possibility of full or partial early repayment at any time. You do not have to appear in a bank’s branch, it is enough to deposit money directly through ATM. If you have a salary card by BTA Bank, repayment will be made automatically. Monthly payment will be withdrawn from the salary and you receive SMS-notice thereof. This also saves time for our customers.

- interest rate on Credo also depend on the repayment scheme the customer chooses and are in the range of 0.01% p.a. (annual effective interest rate from 0.01%). Bank’s fees are charged for cashing only – 3%. You pay this fee when cashing the money. Paying though a POS-terminal is free. Other standard bank’s fees are also free for Credo: annual card maintenance fee, fee for loan arrangement application consideration.

Now you do need to wait for five years for card issue as before. Credo card can be during your first visit to the Bank by providing ID Card. You can use the card during three years with further re-issue option.

The spring winners were lucky to get a bonus of prize amount. However, the best benefit is convenience and new financial possibilities with Credo credit card. Believe and you will never abandon such a convenient financial resource.