OREANDA-NEWS. Fujitsu has a history of developing "green" products and solutions. With its extensive sustainability program, great social involvement and continuous product research Fujitsu strives to contribute to future generations. Product research and development are not just key factors to the Fujitsu product development team.

Students from eight different engineering departments of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) are working on the development of the 6th ARIBA solar car to compete in the World Solar Challenge.

The students from the ITU Solar Car Team have contacted Fujitsu for the FTR-J2 relay. The FTR-J2 relay has the capability to switch the high DC voltages (140VDC max.±6A) generated by the car's solar panels. The ability of the FTR-J2 relay to switch two separate 140VDC circuits simultaneously and its ability to provide an immediate disconnection of the solar circuit in case of emergency were decisive factors. Together with the ITU team's stringent requirements to create a lightweight and fast car the FTR-J2 relay, with its light weight and small dimensions, is a perfect match.

The ITU Solar Car Team was founded in 2004 to participate in the Turkish national solar race "Formula G". With successful results the ITU Solar Car Team has participated in several national and international solar races. With continuous development, it is now up to the 6th edition of the ARIBA solar car to race the World Solar Challenge.

The World Solar Challenge is a solar powered car race through Australia covering 3,000km from Darwin to Adelaide. Participating teams are students from universities with a large focus on technological developments, combining automotive engineering with the latest developments on solar power.