OREANDA-NEWS. August 28, 2013. The Bidding Procurement Management Center of MCC Group announced that, it competed the first bidding work for the logistics service project of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp. in Vietnam.

In accordance with the Bidding Management Regulations of MCC and the Regulations on Bidding Supervision of MCC Group and MCC, as well as under the whole-process monitoring by the Supervision Dept. of MCC Group, the Procurement Center entrusted MCC International Trading Co., Ltd. (MCC TRADE) to undertake the bid opening and bid evaluation work for the aforesaid project during the period from July 11 to July 13, 2013.

The relevant administrative divisions and the related subsidiaries of MCC Group participated the overall bid evaluation.??

The bidding project covers a wide range services for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp., including: (i) the lading supervision, customs clearance, commodity inspection certificate, preparation of pre-stowage solution for the equipment, construction machineries/tools and construction materials; (ii) the other logistics service at the port of shipment in China; (iii) marine transportation; and (iv) import customs clearance, transportation and logistics services at the destination port in Vietnam.

In total, 15 potential contractors participated the bidding. After the relevant procedures such as the sealing check of the bidding documents, bid announcement in public, initial evaluation, post-qualification, evaluation by judges, Q&A and competitive negotiation, the Bid Evaluation Report was prepared basing upon the assessment results, and the winning candidate was recommended. As a result, the bid winner was determined and announced by the Leading Group of Centralized Procurement Bidding Work for the logistics service project of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp. on August 15, 2013.

This is the first bidding operation carried out by the Bidding Procurement Management Center of MCC Group since its establishment, as well as the first trial project for centralized procurement by the Group. It is deemed to be of great significance and social influence in terms of enhancing the overall bargaining power of MCC Group, reducing the procurement costs, avoiding the market pricing risk and lowering the management risk to the largest extent, as well as realizing the procurement on a fair, transparent and open basis.