OREANDA-NEWS. Vale's mineral exploration team based in the Philippines has been contributing to the relief operation underway following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan. The typhoon struck on Friday, November 8, causing thousands of deaths and widespread destruction, particularly on the island of Leyte and the city of Tacloban.

Although the island of Panay, where our exploration project is located, was in the path of the typhoon, the 27 employees and contractors involved in the Panay drilling program that were in the area at the time are all safe and uninjured after sheltering in the base camp house during the storm.

From Saturday, the day after the typhoon struck, Vale's team has been helping assess the extent of damage in the area and working hard to make sure relief supplies reach the surrounding communities. On Sunday they received approval to commence food donations. Aproximately USD 100,000 have been commited to purchase food, water and medical supplies, as well as other basic items.

The goods are being purchased at the regional centre Iloilo, after the connecting road that had been damaged by the typhoon reopened on Monday and are being distributed in a safe and orderly manner. Vale's relief efforts will continue over the coming weeks.