OREANDA-NEWS. UTair Aviation has taken delivery of a second Boeing 737-800 Next-Generation aircraft as part of its 2011 contract with Boeing for a total of 40 jets. The aircraft was delivered to the airline directly from the US Boeing manufacturing facility in Seattle, WA by means of a Trans-Pacific flight to Russia. The current UTair Aviation fleet renewal programme includes plans for the purchase of more than 80 newly assembled aircraft by 2018.

The delivery of additional aircraft, including seven Boeing 737-800/900 jets, is scheduled for 2014. All Boeing aircraft are equipped with CFM56-5B engines and have single class cabin configurations, the Boeing 737-800 seating up to 170 and the Boeing 737-900 seating up to 220. The cabins are outfitted with Boeing's new Sky Interior design that changes cabin lighting from sky blue color during boarding to the relaxing colors of sunset at night, creating the effect of a larger cabin space during the flight.

Aircraft are equipped with ergonomically designed Pinnacle seats. The seats are made with composite materials weighing 15% less than other models on the market allowing increased seat pitch, decreased total aircraft weight and lower operational costs.

Apart from this contract for 40 Boeing 737NG jets, UTair also expects the delivery of 20 Airbus A321 aircraft by 2016, six of which have already been put into operation in 2013-2014. Six Sukhoi Superjet 100 LR aircraft produced by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft will also join the airline's fleet this year.

With the completion of UTair fleet renewal program in 2020 UTair will have the youngest and most advanced aircraft fleet in Russia.

UTair Aviation ranks among the top three Russian airlines. In 2013 UTair Aviation aircraft transported 9,625,295 passengers and the combined UTair Group fleet transported 10,413,803 passengers. UTair Aviation operates more than 150 fixed wing aircraft and performs flights to 110 destinations in Russia and abroad. The airline maintains its central hub at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, from which it performs more than 100 flights daily.