OREANDA-NEWS.   Anhui Tourism Bureau recently announced that an Anhui aviation alliance establishment conference will be hosted in the city of Heifei, with the aim of further strengthening the links established in the aviation industry, enriching cooperation between airlines and travel agencies and expanding the tourism market, Hefei Daily reported.

It is reported that the Anhui aviation alliance will include more than 10 airlines and over 60 travel agencies. Among them,17 of the agencies are from Heifei, including Anhui CYTS, Anhui Good Trip, Anhui Wanda Global Travel, and Anhui Longxiang CITS.

The speaker from the provincial Tourism Bureau said that the establishment of an aviation alliance would facilitate cooperation between airlines and travel agencies, and strengthen communication between the two sides.

After the founding of the league, all stakeholders can work together to develop new markets. Travel agencies are also expected to get discounted tickets from the airlines for being alliance members.