OREANDA-NEWS. Fujitsu America, Inc., a leading ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 provider of business, information technology, and communications solutions, in partnership with AnythingIT, a U.S. owned and operated, fully-certified and compliant electronics recycler, together announced today that they have exceeded the 150,000-pound mark of eCycled electronic waste. Over the last eight years, Fujitsu and AnythingIT have successfully removed end-of-life electronics such as laptops, desktops, printers and servers from companies in the healthcare, education, retail, government and public sector. Through AnythingIT E-Stewards certified recycling process, all electronics have been disposed of in accordance with ISO 14001 and certified by the EPA to operate transparently providing certification documentation for all materials received -- thereby keeping de-manufactured components out of landfills.

"Enterprise technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, as computers, tablets and laptops have become a necessity for maximizing productivity. As our customers' rapidly increase adoption of our first-rate technology offerings, we also need to be cognizant of our responsibilities to properly dispose of out-of-date devices," said Kevin Wrenn, senior vice president, PC business, Fujitsu America, Inc. "From supporting new clients with our technology to helping upgrade current ones, we are dedicated to supporting the entire lifecycle of electronics and are extremely happy to be working with AnythingIT to ensure that all of the de-manufactured materials are recycled in the most eco-friendly, responsible way."

Fujitsu, in addition to providing industry leading technology, offers clients with system management and integration opportunities to create a seamless transition to their upgraded hardware. Outdated technology, regardless of manufacturer, is then given to AnythingIT for proper disposal. AnythingIT is a global organization that employs experts in the area of technology, asset management and logistic support. Through a comprehensive suite of management services, AnythingIT is able to meet the needs of medium and large companies and provide strategic consulting and hands-on implementation throughout every phase of a project lifecycle. AnythingIT is properly certified, obtaining e-Stewards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Class D Permit certifications. AnythingIT also provides services for nationwide removal of IT assets, inventory services/data collection, real-time market valuation and data destruction.

"It is estimated that corporations retire more than eleven million computers each year, not counting other devices. At this rate, it is important to address the effects of this waste on the environment if not properly recycled," said David Bernstein, president and CEO of AnythingIT. "We are honored to partner with Fujitsu and applaud their dedication to responsibly retiring their equipment through our certified recycling process. We look forward to continuing our relationship and anticipate reaching many more milestones in the future."