OREANDA-NEWS.    As we have already informed, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade named KAMAZ the best exporter of the motor industry in 2013. Meanwhile, the market situation is far from favourable, and nobody is going to rest on last year’s laurels.
According to Rafail Gafeev, Director General of ZAO Foreign Trade Company KAMAZ, the global economic situation is quite strained, the main markets are either stagnating or even almost slumping. Nevertheless, KAMAZ’s exporters intend to fulfill this year’s business plan and get a y-o-y profit selling almost 6,000 vehicles overseas at that. This benchmark was set by the Board of Directors.
Mr. Gafeev noted that the main markets for KAMAZ will as usual be CIS and near abroad countries. The company’s trading partnership with Kazakhstan is still strong. “We mean to compensate a sales slowdown entailed by the crisis in Ukraine with stronger commercial contracts, with Turkmenistan, for instance,” Mr. Gafeev shared FTC’s plans. “In addition, we are currently developing several projects far abroad, in Africa, Asia, Latin America. I think this will enable us to realize our plans and, probably, enter some new markets.”