OREANDA-NEWS. St. Petersburg Nissan plant in February goes to the lower performance and in the future it may stop the production. The spokesman of Nissan in Russia, Roman Skolsky, informed about it the agency "Tass".

"Due to the difficult economic situation in Russia and the sharp drop in consumer demand, it is reduced also the production of cars. Analyzing the situation at the plant, the company Nissan Manufacturing Rus developed several scenarios to minimize costs with the maximum possible preservation of the staff. Since February, the plant switches to lower performance, in connection with this it is possible the suspending of the plant production ", - said Mr.Skolsky. He said that "the current economic situation required the optimization of costs and staff, which involves the suspension of recruitment."

However, "despite the economic situation, Nissan believes the Russian automotive market is perspective and it sees in it the potential for further investment," - said the official.

Nissan plant in St. Petersburg is working since 2009. In December of 2014 it was opened the second stage, which doubled the plant's capacity to 100,000 vehicles a year, but then it was started the assembly of a new generation of SUV X-Trail. Currently, the plant produces four models - X-Trail, Teana, Murano and Pathfinder. It employs 2.2 thousand employees; the company operates in two shifts.