OREANDA-NEWS. At the Leipzig trade fair for manufacturing, tools and automation, INTEC 2015, Bosch presents innovative solutions for the optical 3D measuring- and manufacturing technology. Originally, the application-oriented solutions and systems were exclusively designed for the manufacturing and measurement facilities of the Bosch Group and have proven their value very well in daily use. Precise measurements as direct respectively close part of the manufacturing process are of crucial importance to ensure high quality, while at the same time minimizing the reject rate. Using automated, production-integrated solutions significantly reduces efforts and costs for a 100 percent control.

The FMS 100 was designed for measurement of rotationally symmetric serially produced precision parts. Rotation speeds of up to 100 rounds per minute and optical sensing arms for diameters less than 0.1 millimeters facilitate rapid form measurement for determining internal and external geometries. Standard applications include measurement of circularity and straightness, cone shape, and diameter. Modular extensions make it possible to customize the measuring machine to meet specific customer requirements. The non-contact optical sensing arms allow the measurement of the parallelism of very thin or very delicate objects without causing any alterations to the objects through contact forces. These solutions, proven in Bosch manufacturing, facilitate the economical and automated application of measuring technology with nanometer resolution in the production context by using innovative measurement principles.

The FTP 40 measurement system enables the rapid measurement of two parallel surfaces of a product in a single measuring process, without the need to move the object. This ensures excellent stability, and markedly reduces the cycle time. The FTP 40 may equally be used for the rapid measurement of flatness, thickness, and parallelism, either as a standalone device in precision measurement facilities, or, alternatively, as an industrial measurement system for optical 3D inspection in manufacturing. The major advantages of the Bosch machines’ interferometric technology are high resolution and precision, short cycle times, and non-contact, non-wearing measurement. When developing these measuring machines, great emphasis was put on achieving a highly robust design, with low sensitivity to vibrations and temperature fluctuations. The focus here was always on practicability and a proven ability of the measurement system.

At the Leipzig trade fair for manufacturing, tools and automation, INTEC 2015, from February 24 to 27 at stand B84 in hall 2, Bosch presents its solutions.