OREANDA-NEWS. October 02, 2015. SilverBack Migration Solutions, a world class provider of data center migration services for enterprise customers, has turned to Salesfusion, a leading provider of marketing automation technology for small and mid-sized businesses, to help the company improve marketing efficiency, lead engagement and overall marketing performance.

With SilverBack's marketing team splitting its time between marketing and IT activities, the company was looking for a marketing platform that could automate everyday tasks and offer real-time visibility into campaign performance. Like many SMB organizations, the company also sought a solution that could reduce manual processes and disparate systems, and offer seamless integration with its Salesforce CRM application.

After a thorough selection process, SilverBack selected Salesfusion based on the combination of the right functionality at the right price.

"Salesfusion was the best solution for us," said Ken Jamaca, president and owner of SilverBack. "Ease of use was important, as was the speed in which we could deploy. We needed a solution that would allow us to hit the ground running, while still being available to assist our customers. By automating both inbound and outbound marketing, Salesfusion made everything as simple as possible."

Some of the highlights of the Salesfusion solution for SilverBack include:

·      Salesfusion automates lead-capture efforts including landing pages, gated content and lead forms, offering advanced analytics and scoring to better target and generate qualified leads.

·      Salesfusion's integration with SilverBack's Salesforce CRM application allows leads to be assigned to the sales team seamlessly from email campaigns and integrated lead forms.

·      Real-time performance reporting provides data-driven insights, allowing SilverBack to refine campaign tactics to improve engagement and results.

The decision to automate marketing activities with the help of Salesfusion has already impacted the SilverBack business.

"Data is power," said Jamaca. "Salesfusion provided us with the tools and training necessary to make educated and informed decisions with regard to every aspect of our marketing campaigns. Three campaigns in, our engagement has more than doubled, due almost entirely to changes we made based on this data."

According to Salesfusion CEO Carol O'Kelley, the ability of SilverBack's team to leverage data-driven insights to better engage current and potential customers puts their organization on the right track for continued success.

"Data and technology are two of the most powerful and impactful assets available to marketers today," said O'Kelley. "SilverBack's ability to harness its data to drive marketing investment choices will help the company achieve its goals of increased awareness and lead generation."