OREANDA-NEWS. October 02, 2015. Lifting of containment dome of Unit 4 reactor building was implemented at the site of Tianwan-2 NPP.

Total weight of oversized steel structure amounted to 341.022 tons. The containment dome was lifted by means of crane ZOOMLION ZCC3200NP with lifting capacity of 3200 tons. Dome lifting was implemented within about 1.5 hours.

According to CEO of ASE (United Company ASE JSC-NIAEP JSC-Atomenergoproekt JSC), Mr. Valery Limarenko, Tianwan NPP is the first operating NPP in the world, which is equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems. Second stage construction meets the schedule while lifting of reactor building dome of the fourth unit was even carried out two months ahead of the date stipulated by the schedule. Completion of polar crane erection is scheduled for November. Erection of reactor pressure vessel support ring is expected to begin in December of the current year.

Installation of containment dome of TNPP-4 reactor building means the beginning of the next phase – arrangement of “clean area” in the containment and commencement of main equipment erection.
The containment is the fourth barrier ensuring NPP safety. Double containment of reactor building, the dome being a part of it, prevents a release of radioactive substances into the environment and serves as physical protection for the equipment located inside the containment from outside natural and human-induced impacts including earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami and aircraft crash.

The next phase of civil works is the beginning of erection of main equipment, such as the reactor, steam generator, reactor coolant pipelines and reactor coolant pumps.
After the completion of work on the construction of inner containment and the erection of pre-stressing system of reinforced concrete containment building, activities related to the erection of outer containment will commence.


Containment dome is assembled from carbon steel plates with the thickness of 6 mm, its lower section diameter is 44 m and height is 22 m. The dome has a semispherical shape, its dead weight is 258 tons, weight of sprinkler piping, cables and air ducts assembled inside the dome - 83 tons, total weight of the structure – 341 tons, lifting radius – 105.4 m. For the time being, this is the largest containment dome in China.


In October 2009, Rosatom State Corporation and China National Nuclear Corporation  (CNNC) signed the minutes where they confirmed their wish and intent to continue cooperation in the construction of Tianwan NPP second stage – Units 3&4 of the plant. On September 27, 2010, during the visit of the Russian Federation President, Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, to the People’s Republic of China, a contract for basic design development of Tianwan NPP second stage was signed. On November 23, 2010, General Contract for the construction of Tianwan NPP Units 3&4 was signed in St. Petersburg between Atomstroyexport and Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC).
In accordance with the General Contract, United Company NIAEP-ASE builds Units 3&4 of Tianwan NPP based on the design similar to the one of first stage: two Russian-designed power units with reactor units VVER -1000. Design and supply of equipment for the Conventional Island of second stage TNPP units are carried out by JNPC.


АSE was created as part of Rosatom engineering division establishment by combining three industry leaders: ASE JSC, NIAEP JSC and Atomenergoproekt JSC.
АSE is one of the world leaders in nuclear power engineering and holds over 30% of the global NPP construction market..
It has representative and operational offices in 15 countries around the world, with almost 80% of its portfolio coming from projects abroad.
ASE is also implementing projects for construction of facilities for RAW and SNF management, thermal power plants, as well as providing a full range of EPC, EPC(M) and PMC services for any complex engineering facilities. АSE is developing and introducing a project management innovation system for complex engineering facilities construction – Multi-D - which makes it possible to effectively manage such parameters as budget, construction period and quality.  The company CEO is Valery I. Limarenko, PhD in economics.

Company web-sites: www.atomstroyexport.ru; www.niaep.ru; www.aep.ru