OREANDA-NEWS. October 05, 2015. The Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius named three principal requirements to ensure successful development of economy and business in Ukraine during the parliamentary hearings titled The Development of Entrepreneurship in Ukraine and Support of Small and Medium-sized Business”.

In the first place — the fight against corruption, the second – a tax reform and de-monopolization and de-oligarchization.

Among recent achievements, the Minister singled out macroeconomic stabilization, deregulation measures, a moratorium on inspections in the framework of the public control reform, as well as the launch of effective and large-scale international programs.

Also, Aivaras Abromavicius noted that upgrading of controlling bodies which is underway will create truly favourable conditions to trigger successful development of small and medium-sized business. He emphasized a pivotal measure in the framework of this reform is the introduction of a moratorium on inspections, which should be prolonged.

“We are eager to shape a favourable environment for all the actors, but primarily for small and medium businesses, which are capable to become an incentive for the comprehensive economic development of Ukraine”, he noted.

It should be noted, 99.8% of all Ukrainian enterprises today belong to small and medium-sized. Whereas, it has been firstly since 2003 that large parliamentary hearings dedicated to the development of small and medium-sized business in Ukraine.