OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet participated in festivity organised on Teachers Day at the Nicolae Sulac National Palace today.

In his speech, Strelet highlighted that, on this day, pupils, parents, everybody thanks teachers for their work, devotion and effort taken in order to educate Moldova’s future. „Each of us, wherever we are, whichever post or office we hold, regardless of successes and achievements we got, all these we due mostly to our teachers,” Strelet said.

Strelet underlined the role the teachers have in protecting the national values, the Romanian language and the history of nation. „You, our teachers, were and are those who cultivate to children, and through them to us, the parents, the virtues to be responsible citizens, to actively participate in everything that means public policies both in the education sector, as well as in other areas of public interest,” Strelet said.

At the same time, Valeriu Strelet recognised the presence of drawbacks as to material conditions of teachers and promised that the government would take all efforts in order to work out and implement a salary and motivation system based on performance in the education field. In this respect, Strelet referred to the new Education Code, 2020 Education Strategy, human resources development, development partners’ support. Strelet added that in order to promote necessary education reforms, political and social stability is necessary, without which no reform can be implemented, no society may prosper.

On this occasion, Strelet awarded the government diplomas to the best teachers of Moldova.

The Teachers Day is marked on 5 October and represents a symbol of awareness, understanding and appreciation of vital contribution that the teachers bring to education and development of society. UNESCO inaugurated the first World Teachers’ Day on 5 October 1994.