OREANDA-NEWS. Haima Company in the near future is going to present in the Russian market a new compact crossover Haima S5. Director of sales of "Haima Automobiles Rus", Alexander Baranov, said about it in an interview with the agency "AUTOSTAT", by noting that now it is much demanded class of cars. According to him, it must be also appeared a full-size crossover S7 and business-class sedan M6 in Russia until the middle of 2016. Currently Haima is presented in the Russian market by two models - a sedan Haima M3 and crossover Haima 7.

At the end of eight months of 2015 Russian dealers of Haima sold 164 cars, which is less by 67% than a year ago. According to Alexander Baranov, at the moment the decrease is explained by the temporary absence of some models in the Russian stock of company. "If you look at affordable models, then our reduction is 36%, which is well within the overall market fall", - he said.

Currently there is decline in prices for new cars in showrooms of Haima. The action applies as to the low-cost vehicle configuration Haima, so the models, equipped with additional options. Meanwhile, the company Haima is considering the possibility of organizing of local production in Russia.