OREANDA-NEWS. The Group appears in the first place of a ranking established by MyPrivateBanking Research, which has analyzed 111 mobile apps et 19 Apple Watch apps fort private banking customers, from 35 banks, from all over the world. This ranking is released with a report which underlines the importance of interactivity and content, as performance and identification factors.

This ranking highlights 5 main items : Technology levels the playing field and allows customers unprecedented access to information, Knowledge, advice and immediacy; digital disruption in other industries, like travel and retail, raises client expectations, FinTechs and challenger banks are ramping up the pressure on traditional financial institutions, Shrinking margins force bank advisors to serve more clients in less time, more effectively, Beyond omnichannel, banks need a digital strategy to win the hearts and minds of customers.

Overall, the 35 banks perform quite well in help features, Branl/ATM finders, customizing features, and convenient payment methods. They need to improve about mortgages, interactive educational content, emergency hotline, call-back function and in-app customer magazine.