OREANDA-NEWS. At Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Thomas Kurian, Oracle President of Product Development, discussed new cloud services that show Oracle’s deep innovation across cloud applications, platform, and infrastructure services.

Kurian also demonstrated several services on stage, showing how easily people can tap Oracle’s cloud services. “Any person, anyplace in the world, with just a browser, can access our cloud and get access to all these amazing new product innovations we've delivered,” Kurian said during his keynote Tuesday in San Francisco.

Oracle’s cloud innovations span infrastructure, analytics, management, integration, database, and more.

Cloud advances highlighted by Kurian include:

  • Infrastructure as a Service: Oracle has offerings across compute, storage, and networking that meet the spectrum of business needs. For example, cloud computing offerings range from its pay-as-you-go elastic computing to high-performance Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service. Storage offerings include Oracle’s $1/terabyte/month service for archival storage. Kurian also laid out four different data transfer options for moving data into Oracle Cloud—including physical delivery for companies moving multiple petabytes of data.
  • Analytical Cloud Services: Oracle’s cloud products now serve three tiers of knowledge workers—data scientists, professional analysts, and self-service analytical users. Data scientists can use Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service, and Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service to manage and analyze data using familiar tools such as Hadoop and SQL queries. Analysts have tools for integration and business intelligence. End users can use Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service for advanced, chart-driven analysis with only a spreadsheet and a browser.
  • Management Cloud Service: Kurian outlined new services for performance management, IT analytics, and log analytics via a common cloud management system.
  • Application Development Cloud Services: Developers can use Oracle’s platform to write apps in a range of languages, including Java, PHP, python, Ruby, NodeJS, .Net, and more. Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service helps non-technologists develop applications with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Integrated Cloud Applications: Oracle has added more than 180 new modules and services to its cloud applications suite the past year, across enterprise resource planning, enterprise performance management, human capital management, marketing, sales, service, commerce, supply chain, and more.
  • Cloud Integration Services: Oracle has a variety of cloud services designed to make cloud service integration easy, including services that connect different systems, route data between them, and map and transform data from one system to another.