OREANDA-NEWS. Allergy Therapeutics, the fully integrated speciality pharmaceutical company, today announces that it will be presenting data relating to the use of its patented adjuvant technology in novel therapeutic vaccine applications at the World Vaccine Congress in Madrid, 9-11 November 2015.

Dr. Matthew Heath, Lead Medical Writer and Principle Scientist, will present data supporting the use of the depot adjuvant MCT in novel vaccine candidate formulations including malaria and influenza. The data has emerged through active collaborations led by Professor Martin Bachmann at University of Oxford and The Jenner Institute and also Dr Bassam Hallis at Public Health England.

The findings include data relating to the strong absorption capacity, immunological relevance and stability profile of MCT and compatibility with antigens and in adjuvant system complexes. The new data builds on the application of MCT in treatment of allergy where MCT is available as a biodegradable and well-tolerated depot adjuvant with proven sustained antigen release and immunological profile.

The World Vaccine Congress is now entering its 16th year and the conference provides an outstanding opportunity for scientific debate and dialogue amongst specialists in the vaccine industry with the last annual meeting including 65 sessions, over 75 speakers and 29 sponsors.

Dr Murray Skinner, Chief Scientific Officer at Allergy Therapeutics, said:

"Adjuvant discovery is experiencing a significant boost in investment from government bodies, such as the NIH who describe a significant unmet need for adjuvants suitable for use in combination with the growing number of emerging and evolving infectious disease targets to enable delivery of efficacious therapies [1].  

"We have been extremely fortunate to work with leading vaccine development experts through our collaborative projects with University of Oxford, The Jenner Institute and Public Health England. This data further supports the potential that MCT, our patented formulation technology, has in a wide variety of therapeutic applications, offering unique biodegradable and immunological properties distinct from traditional delivery adjuvants many of which fail during product development owing to factors such as manufacturability, stability, lack of effectiveness and  unacceptable levels of tolerability [2].  The World Vaccine Congress provides an excellent opportunity to present this exciting data to extend MCT depot adjuvant technology to the wider vaccine development audience."

Manuel Llobet, CEO of Allergy Therapeutics, said:

"We have developed a portfolio of adjuvants to deliver optimised immunotherapy in allergy settings including the use of the TLR-4 adjuvant MPL in addition to MCT and this has allowed us to develop a market leading position in Europe for the treatment of seasonal allergies. A key component of our future strategy for growth has been to develop innovative adjuvanted vaccines and create new sales channels within our existing business. This data validates the use of our proprietary MCT technology in a potentially wide range of applications and is an important additional milestone in displaying our R&D capability, our differentiated approach and, ultimately, allowing us to grow our European market share over the coming years."

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[2] Reed et al. Key roles for Adjuvants in modern vaccines. Nature Medicine. 2013. 19:1597-1608.