OREANDA-NEWS. December 09, 2015. For more than 60 years, Xcel Energy’s Black Dog Power Plant produced reliable electricity using coal for fuel. As part of a transition to cleaner forms of energy, the company plans to build a new natural gas unit at the site, and has specified a high-efficiency 7F.05 gas turbine from GE (NYSE:GE) to replace the plant’s existing coal-fired steam boiler.

“Xcel Energy is committed to reducing carbon-dioxide emissions and providing our customers with cleaner and reliable electricity. Building the new gas-fired unit at Black Dog is a significant step forward,” said Brian Behm, plant director, Black Dog Generating Plant, Xcel Energy.

The 7F.05 unit is expected to be used in peaking operation. Peaking power plants generally run only when there is a high demand, or peak demand, for electricity.

“In addition to providing cleaner energy, the 7F.05 is known for being highly efficient and flexible – offering fast ramping and low turndown within emissions compliance,” said Joe Mastrangelo, president and CEO, gas power systems at GE Power. “By using this GE technology at Black Dog, we can help Xcel Energy reduce emissions while generating fast, reliable, and cost-effective power to meet capacity requirements.”

The 7F.05 gas turbine offers nearly 40% simple cycle efficiency. Within 10 minutes, the unit can provide 75% of full power to the grid – that’s the equivalent power needed to light up nearly 175,000 US homes.

Furthermore, GE’s 7F.05 unit fits into the existing power plant footprint. Xcel Energy and GE worked together to ensure the gas turbine could be installed into the previous coal-fired facility, using the existing steam turbine foundation. The Black Dog unit is expected to enter commercial operation in 2018.

The order at Black Dog is the latest of 65 7F.05 units ordered among a total of 89 technical selections globally. GE’s advanced F-class technology has proven its capacity for cleaner, efficient and reliable power production with more than 1,100 gas turbines installed, accumulating over 50 million operating hours.

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