OREANDA-NEWS. CentralNic plc, (AIM: CNIC), the internet platform business which derives revenues from the global sale of domain names, is pleased to announce that it is the world's first Wholesaler ("registry backend") to achieve sales of three million domain names using new Top-Level Domains ("TLDs"), according to the domain industry statistics website ntldstats.com.  This follows CentralNic's announcement of becoming the first company in the world to achieve two million new TLD registrations in November 2015.

As at 0700hrs on 15 February, CentralNic is ranked in the top position, with 3,043,821 domains registered using CentralNic's registry platform, representing 23.94% of all domains registered globally using new TLDs. See attached screenshot No.1.

In addition, with .site recently becoming the 19th most subscribed new TLD, CentralNic is now the exclusive Wholesaler for five of the top 20 TLDs - .xyz, .online, .website, .space, and .site - out of 903 new TLDs launched to date. See attached screenshot No.2.

.xyz continues to rank as the most subscribed new gTLD, with registrations doubling since August 2015, when Google announced that it had selected https://abc.xyz/ as the official web address for its new parent company, Alphabet - which recently became the world's most valuable company.

CentralNic's CEO Ben Crawford commented:

"CentralNic is excited to see the rate of growth in new TLDs. It took only three months since November for CentralNic to grow its total number of new TLD registrations by another 50% to 3 million, reflecting both the exponential demand for new TLDs and the superior quality of the Company's domain name portfolio.   CentralNic will continue to promote its existing new gTLD domain names, as well as actively accepting new quality domain names onto our platform, to retain our position as a global leader in new Top Level Domains."     


About CentralNic

CentralNic (LSE: CNIC) is a London-based AIM-listed company which earns revenues from the worldwide sales of internet domain names over its proprietary technology platform. These domain names are sold on an annual subscription basis and paid for by customers upfront, making CentralNic a cash-generative business with annuity revenue streams.

CentralNic comprises three business lines within the domain name industry.   It operates a global wholesale network, supplying domain names to over 1,500 vendors in 77 countries. CentralNic is the exclusive wholesaler for over 30 new Top-Level Domain extensions (the new alternatives to .com and .net), Including  .xyz, .online, .website, .space, and .site, which are ranked among the top twenty most subscribed new Top-Level Domain extensions. Almost one in four of all domains registered under new TLDs globally uses the CentralNic platform, ranking CentralNic as the leading global supplier with over three million of these domains under management.

CentralNic is also a leading global domain name retailer, with retail websites including internetbs.net, buydomains.london and domain.luxury, as well as most recently instra.com and others following its acquisition of global domain name retailer Instra Group. Additionally, via its enterprise programme, CentralNic supplies domain names (including high-value premium domain names), software and services directly to large corporations and governments.