OREANDA-NEWS. Project customer is Khiagda JSC, also a part of the control loop of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. The most advanced and promising Russian uranium mining enterprise is located in the heart of Vitimsky uranium ore district, the resources of which today are estimated at 350 thousand tons, including 250 thousand tons suitable for in-situ leaching. In the medium term, phased launch of operations on Khiagdinskoe ore field deposits is planned (Khiagdinskoe, Istochnoye, Vershinnoye, Tetrahskoe, Dybrynskoe, Namaruskoe, Koretkondinskoye and Kolichikanskoe), with total reserves of 47915 tons. To this day, the company carried out mining operations at Khiagdinskoe ore field only on Khiagdinskoe deposit with reserves of 10849 tons of uranium. The launch of company’s private sulfuric acid plant allowed to develop other deposits of the field.

The positive conclusion was provided for the projects implemented on Vershinnoye and Istochnoye sites. Decision of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia means that the company continues to develop as planned and expand its resource base. The work carried out by employees of VNIPIpromtekhnologii JSC has once again confirmed its positive reputation in the field of mining facilities design.