OREANDA-NEWS. An extractive distillation column was installed at the TANECO Complex. The installation of this large-scale equipment was another construction stage of the aromatic hydrocarbons production complex.

The installed unit is a part of the "Extractive distillation by sulfolane" section. The total design installation feed capacity by raw material coming from the reformate separation tower and the xylene isomerization stripper is 140,820 tons per year. There will be two semi-finished products collected at the section’s output: raffinate, which will be pumped over to the unit of light naphtha isomerization, while the extract will go to the installation of benzene and toluene fractionation.

The equipment had been manufactured under the contract concluded by PJSC TATNEFT with NPO "NATEK-Neftekhimmash" (Taganrog). The column diameter is 1,300 mm, weight - 78 tons, height of the cylindrical part - 52.5 m, the total height - 60 m.

The equipment had been delivered from the manufacturing factory to the construction site in two parts by trucks. There are final assembly operations of the column underway at present and then the plans provide for installation of internals, which will be followed by the column’s piping and accessories installation.