OREANDA-NEWS. By the initiative and decision of the Board of the company the Annual General Meeting of Vilniaus Degtine AB (company code 120057287) to be held on April 28th, 2016 at 10.00 a.m. at the company's premises in Paneriu str. 47, Vilnius is convened. Registration of shareholders starts at 9.00 a.m.

The shareholders attending the meeting must provide an identification document. The representatives of the shareholders must additionally posses a proxy approved by the procedure prescribed by law.

The Meeting's accounting day – April 21st, 2016. The persons who are shareholders of the company at the end of accounting day of the General Meeting of Shareholders shall have the right to attend and vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The rights accounting day – May 12th, 2016. The shareholders will use property rights arising from the resolutions accepted during the General Meeting of Shareholders on a ratio basis of number of shares at the end of the rights accounting day.

On the Agenda:

1. Auditor's opinion on the set of company's financial statements and on the company's yearly report.

2. Proposals and comments of the Supervisory Board.

3. Approval of the company's yearly report for the year 2015.

4. Approval of the set of company's financial statements for the year 2015.

5. Appropriation of the year’s 2015 profit of the Company

6. Election of the firm of auditors and establishment of terms of remuneration for audit services.

7. Regarding mortgage and pledge of companies fixed assets.

8. Elections of members of Supervisory board.

9. Other questions.


Draft Resolutions of the General Shareholder Meeting;
Financial Statements for the year 2015;
Ballot Paper.