OREANDA-NEWS. The difficulties with the Brazilian regulator's approval of Sputnik V are politically motivated. This is stated in the official Twitter account of the Russian vaccine.

Earlier, the Brazilian national sanitary inspection agency Anvisa rejected the request of regional governments to import the Russian drug, arguing that the developer must provide "missing information."

"The delay in Anvisa's approval of Sputnik V, unfortunately, has nothing to do with access to information or science," the manufacturers commented.

They attributed this to the pressure on Brazil by the United States.

The post recalled: "The US Department of Health, in its 2020 annual report, released a few months ago, publicly admitted that a spokesman for the US Department" urged Brazil to abandon the Russian vaccine against COVID-19. "

The National Technical Commission for Biosafety has previously approved the commercial production of the Russian vaccine in the country.

The governor of the Brazilian state of Ceara Camilo Santana, after the national regulator refused to authorize the import of the Sputnik V vaccine, said that he would continue to fight for the supply of the drug to the population of the region.