OREANDA-NEWS. Registration of the Russian vaccine "Sputnik V" in Europe is being delayed at the behest of the high offices of the European Union, why this is happening - the citizens of European countries and local law enforcement agencies themselves must figure out. This was stated by the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin.

"The European Medicines Agency, which registers all drugs, is dragging its feet on the registration of Sputnik V," Naryshkin said on the First Channel.

He added: "I do not want to blame the experts and specialists of the European Medicines Agency. But we know for certain that this delay is connected with the corresponding signals that come from the high offices of the European Union."

According to him, “Why is this happening, is there only political reasons for this, or is there still an economic factor - let the citizens of European countries themselves, law enforcement agencies understand this.”

"But we understand that this is simply immoral," the head of intelligence stressed.

Earlier, Naryshkin said about the information available to Russia that the EU is preparing a propaganda campaign to accuse the Russian Federation of organizing the anti-vaccination movement.