OREANDA-NEWS The engineering company Mosinzhproekt, owned by the government of Moscow, and the European company Suez are planning to create their own production in the Russian Federation in the field of processing of construction waste and soil. This was announced on Tuesday by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Marat Husnullin in the framework of the international investment exhibition MIPIM in France.

"It should be noted that this is the number one company in the world in this sector. This will give us the technology, improve the quality of materials processing, in particular, it will be possible to use the soils extracted during the underground mining. Moreover, we want to enter into a joint venture with them by the summer, by Urban Forum. Legally, it is being worked out now. Previously, it is 50 to 50 % - "Mosinzhproekt" and Suez", - he said.

On Tuesday at MIPIM took place the signing of the second agreement between the "Mosinzhproekt" and Suez, according to which the parties until July to work out the terms of further interaction in the control treatment of soil, waste of construction and demolition. The first agreement with Suez was signed by the city authorities in July 2018, within the framework of which the company helped Moscow in developing a software product for managing the waste system under the renovation program.

"The experience of Suez, which operates in 170 countries, is very useful. We want to go to the Urban forum to a specific joint venture already with a business plan, with the volume of investments, with more specific tasks," Khusnullin said.

He did not drown the possible location of the future enterprise, but noted that, most likely, it will be outside the city.

"We hope that this will allow us to make the waste processing market more civilized," said the Deputy Mayor.