OREANDA-NEWS Readers of the German newspaper Die Zeit are actively discussing the situation around the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and name a possible reason for the harsh criticism of Germany from some countries.

A new round of discussion was sparked by an article by the newspaper's columnist Theo Sommer in which the author called the campaign against Nord Stream 2 pure hypocrisy.

Many users agreed with the opinion of the journalist, noting that almost all industrialized countries depend on energy supplies from Russia.

"It is enough to look at the import of raw materials from Russia to the EU to understand that any criticism was pure hypocrisy. Russia is the richest country in raw materials", - wrote insLot.

"Stopping construction would be an irresponsible step. I never tire of wondering how naive the 'greens' behave in this matter", - says panicameusa.

Other commentators did not forget to recall the role of the United States in opposing the implementation of the gas project, describing Washington's actions as "economic fascism".