OREANDA-NEWSEmployees of Saks, Gucci and Louis Vuitton filed a lawsuit in the Brooklyn Federal Court, accusing the company of conspiracy and violation of antitrust laws, Bloomberg reports.

The plaintiffs claim that the above companies agreed not to hire those who worked for competitors less than six months before. According to them, thereby narrowing the opportunity to find a new job.

According to one of the plaintiffs, after working in a Saks premium segment store she tried to get a job at Louis Vuitton, but she received a message from there that there was a clear indication not to take someone who had just recently left her previous job. Saks, Gucci America and Louis Vuitton did not promptly respond to Bloomberg requests.

A similar lawsuit was considered in 2015. Then, Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe Systems were accused of conspiracy, who agreed not to hire specialists who worked for competitors. Then the companies had to pay $ 415 million in compensation.