OREANDA-NEWS. Italy will send two inspectors to Russia to check the manufacturing enterprises of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, said Francesco Vaia, chief physician of the Italian National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani.

Earlier, the leadership of the scientific and medical institution sent a positive opinion on the effectiveness and safety of using the Russian drug to the Italian Ministry of Health.

Vaya said in an interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper that Sputnik is working. We independently evaluated it as a research institution and not as a separate group. The document was circulated without any desire to interfere with politics. "According to Spallanzani's findings, the vaccine is 90 percent effective for symptomatic infections and 100 percent effective for severe infections.

Francesco Vaya said that they had just been vaccinated by two Italian inspectors who will travel to Moscow to check the quality standards at the Sputnik factories.

On Monday, the director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, announced the need for the Russian vaccine in Italy. In an interview with the same Corriere, he noted that the inspection of Sputnik's production should be carried out taking into account the fact that "inspectors cannot demand that a vaccine produced in Russia or China be produced on equipment with CE marking", whose products comply with all directives The European Union.