OREANDA-NEWS. Lexus has presented the “LF-Z Electrified” concept car, demonstrating the key innovations, that the brand plans to implement in it's models by 2025. So, placing the battery under the floor in the longitudinal direction makes the design of the electric car more rigid, reduces the center of gravity and helps to absorb noise and vibration from the road surface, the press service of Lexus reports.

As noted, this arrangement increases the useful space of the cabin and increases the overall level of passenger comfort. The new all-wheel drive control system allows you to freely distribute the engine power to each of the 4 wheels. By switching between front, rear or all-wheel drive depending on the road situation, the system provides powerful acceleration and makes driving the “LF-Z Electrified” adaptive to different types of terrain and road surface.

The steer-by-wire electronic steering system provides for the absence of a mechanical connection between the steering controller and the wheels. The “LF-Z Electrified” can turn with less steering wheel rotation depending on driving conditions, and also filters out unwanted vibrations from the road surface.

The appearance of the “LF-Z Electrified” demonstrates how the Lexus design will evolve. The designers took it upon themselves to bring to life a new “spindly body”, expressing the architecture of the car. The large diameter wheels are positioned closer to the corners of the car to reduce the front and rear overhangs, helping to lower the center of gravity and increase the stability of the electric car.

The artificial intelligence provided in “LF-Z Electrified” provides constant support and plays an active role in the journey, studying the preferences and behaviors of the driver. Controlled by voice, artificial intelligence assists in tasks such as planning routes and providing information about the destination. The new digital key expands access for more people to the car. Some “LF-Z Electrified” functions, such as locking and unlocking doors, can be controlled using a smartphone.