OREANDA-NEWSMCloud Technologies, a leading provider of cloud computing and artificial intelligence IoT solutions in the energy sector, announced the acquisition of AirFusion. This will allow mCloud to introduce technologies for visual monitoring of wind power plants based on AI-algorithms, the company said in a press release.

"The results obtained using AirFusion technology, in particular, the image quality of the blades of the turbines of the wind turbines, are the best among the possible alternatives. This allowed the company to reduce the processing time of visual information by 90% without compromising the level of accuracy", said Dave Smart Energy Manager at mCloud Weinert. AirFusion's Newton Engine technology uses AI modeling to identify and classify the current condition and possible mechanical damage to wind turbine blades.

In the first quarter of 2020, mCloud plans to integrate Newton Engine into a new batch of Asset Care solutions providing drone inspection of wind farms and analytics of the received information based on advanced machine learning algorithms. The transaction is being finalized and is subject to final approval by the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange.