OREANDA-NEWS. South Korea is another country that has decided not to vaccinate senior citizens with the vaccine company AstraZeneca. This was reported by the local Yonghap news agency.

Vaccination with the drug from the Swedish-British company Astra-Zeneca will begin in South Korea on February 26. First in line for vaccinations are the most vulnerable groups of the population, including employees and residents of nursing homes, sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers.

The South Korean government planned to vaccinate 760,000 doctors and elderly people in February-March. However, the decision of the authorities to temporarily not vaccinate citizens over 65 years old may lead to the disruption of plans, the newspaper notes.

Previously, Spain refused to use the AstraZeneca vaccine for elderly patients, only Spaniards under 55 years old will receive the drug. Thus, the country's Ministry of Health agreed with the recommendations of doctors from other European countries: they believe that there is insufficient data on its effectiveness and safety in older patients.

Earlier, experts from the Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko) of the Robert Koch Institute of Virology in Germany advised not to put the vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to people over 65 years old. Deutsche Welle writes about it.