OREANDA-NEWSPolish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki told reporters on the first day of the EU summit that he had secured the republic’s non-alignment with the EU’s climate agreement, which was approved at a meeting in Brussels due to the fact that the Polish economy is not ready for such transformations. This was reported on Friday by a news agency."Poland will strive to achieve climate neutrality at its own pace", the prime minister emphasized.

In addition, Poland, according to the agency, demanded more clear guarantees at the summit regarding the amount of funds that should be allocated to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Following the results of the negotiations, Moravecki said that regions where a phased reduction in the use of fossil fuels would "hit hardest" such funding was promised. Now, according to Reuters, up to 80% of electricity in Poland is generated at coal-fired plants, and Warsaw isn't ready to restructure its energy either for nuclear or gas generation, which could help it achieve the goals set by the European Union.

During the discussion, the agency clarifies, Moravecki was supported by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who said that less wealthy countries need more serious financial guarantees. He emphasized that the poor shouldn't "pay for the fight against global warming".