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Flag on the Russian Embassy
20.10.2020, 12:02
On Monday evening, the Russian embassy in Washington published an official comment stating that Russia has not been and is not engaged in conducting cyber attacks in the world.
Norway Will not Change Plans to Reduce Oil Production after OPEC+ Decisions
08.06.2020, 15:50
Earlier, the country's oil and energy minister Tina Bru said that Norway intends to reduce oil production by 250 thousand barrels per day
Additional Decline in Production by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait Will Last until the End of June
08.06.2020, 14:34
This was announced by the Minister of Energy of Saudi Arabia, Abdel Aziz bin Salman, during a press conference
Russian Foreign Ministry Expects to Sign an Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Visas with Belarus
04.06.2020, 13:21
Earlier, State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Grigory Rapota said that the draft agreement is already ready
UN Secretary General Warns of Catastrophic Financial Consequences of a Pandemic
28.05.2020, 16:09
According to António Guterres, a drop in world production could reach $ 8.5 trillion
German Authorities Ask EU to Impose New Sanctions against Russians
28.05.2020, 15:58
German authorities believe that at the time of the attack on the computer system of the Bundestag, he was an employee of Russian military intelligence
Serbian Foreign Minister Thanked Russia for Help in Fight against Coronavirus
25.05.2020, 16:11
The parties expressed the hope that the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the near future will provide an opportunity to exchange visits at a high level
Borrel: EU Needs a Reasonable Balance between Sanctions against Russia and Interaction with Moscow
25.05.2020, 13:59
Selective engagement does not contradict firmness, said EU diplomacy chief
Zakharova: Creation of Anti-Terrorist Center of RF and Georgia Did not imply the Participation of NATO
25.05.2020, 13:44
The talks dealt exclusively with bilateral and not multilateral counter-terrorism cooperation
Kazakhstan Intends to Fully Fulfill Its Obligations under the OPEC+ Agreement
18.05.2020, 14:26
Magauov said that Kazakhstan plans to reduce oil production in 2020 to 86 million tons
Russia Transferred to North Korea 25 Thousand Tons of Wheat as Humanitarian Aid
14.05.2020, 12:51
The DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that the republic "highly, with a deep sense of gratitude" appreciates humanitarian aid to Russia
European Commission Will Examine Legality of Emergency Measures Taken by EU Countries to Combat the Pandemic
14.05.2020, 11:55
The main criticism at the hearing was addressed to the Hungarian government
European Commission Calls on EU Countries to Prepare for Possible Second Wave of Coronavirus
11.05.2020, 15:03
The EC noted that new waves “may appear even if current indicators are well controlled”
European Commission Extends Remote Work for EU Institutions until May 25
07.05.2020, 16:38
It is also reported that at the moment 61 employees of the European Commission have become infected with coronavirus
UN Learned about Deployment in Libya of about 1 Thousand Soldiers PMC Wagner
07.05.2020, 15:09
The total number of “Wagnerites” located in Libya is estimated by UN experts at 800–1200


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