OREANDA-NEWS. In world markets, they decided to support the American vaccine Moderna, only after 10 years it can be clear how modern and useful foreign drugs for coronavirus are. This opinion was expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"On world platforms, they decided to support the American vaccine Moderna, which another American-European company is fighting against, and it is fighting quite aggressively. But these are their questions," Putin said at a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

He noted that foreign colleagues talk about the innovativeness of this drug and its modernity.

"I hope that it will be so. True, is it really so, it will be clear only 10 years after many years of application and analysis of the results," the president said.

Putin also noted that in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, one should think about the safety of humanity, and not about making a profit.

Putin stressed that safety can only be ensured if the vaccine is used in the vast majority of countries. According to him, only then will the population, general immunity be developed, and it concerns everyone.

Also, Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, noted that the struggle between various manufacturers of pharmaceuticals for coronavirus is escalating in world markets.