OREANDA-NEWS. Samsung has begun pre-sales of the first MicroLED TV that does not require professional installation. The model with a screen diagonal of 110 inches (279.4 cm) is already available to order in South Korea, and it will appear on the global market in the first quarter of 2021.

For the first time, MicroLED technology, which allows you to significantly improve image quality, appeared on The Wall series TVs, released in 2018. However, these models meant the need for professional installation in the customer's premises, while the new product is ready to use immediately after purchase, like a regular TV.

MicroLED screens use tiny LEDs a few microns in size to form an image, which emit light of the desired color. Like OLED models, these TVs do not need the backlight and color filters that traditional LED displays cannot do without. And the manufacture of MicroLEDs from inorganic materials ensures high image quality throughout the entire service life, which is very long - 100,000 hours or more than ten years.

The TV-to-body ratio is 99.99%, and the new display also completely lacks a black matrix and bezel. This way, users only see the screen itself for a truly immersive viewing experience.