OREANDA-NEWSTelit Communications PLC, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), has collaborated with Intel® on a joint-architecture for multiple Intel IoT developer platforms for the Industrial Internet of Things.

The collaboration between Telit and Intel provides benefits for remote machine monitoring and control, production diagnostics and predictive maintenance across all markets and industries worldwide.

Yosi Fait, Finance Director and President at Telit, commented:

"Intel adopting our widely-deployed deviceWISE platform architecture is a testament to its superior edge intelligence, cloud-ready connectivity and seamless integration into enterprise systems.

"Our collaboration with Intel has created a new way for companies to onboard to the Internet of Things. Our joint-architecture provides customers with a technology that is both scalable and able to meet needs for a broad range of applications."

Doug Davis, Senior Vice President of Internet of Things Group at Intel, said:

"Collaborations with companies like Telit enable us to provide key IoT building blocks for our customers to easily scale and drive growth for their IoT solutions."

The commercially available Intel IoT platform consists of end-to-end reference architectures and products with Telit deviceWISE edge-intelligence technology.

Businesses deploying Intel IoT Platform Technology solutions can connect legacy and new systems, help data flow securely between edge devices and the cloud, and save money.

With support for multiple operating systems and processor performance levels, solutions based on Intel IoT Gateway Technology with deviceWISE are scalable and able to meet needs for a broad range of applications.

Intel is a featured partner of Telit's deviceWISE Ready programme. The comprehensive certification process assures customers that the Intel IoT Platform has been engineered and tested for simple, quick, and reliable integration with the deviceWISE IoT Platform and is fully supported and endorsed by Telit.