OREANDA-NEWS. The collective West knows how to show "solidarity" only in two cases: in Russophobia towards Russia and in words, this is noticeable in the situation in Afghanistan and in countering the pandemic, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that Russia and China are interested in Washington pumping funds into Afghanistan indefinitely. Also on Monday, MEPs called on the EU to develop a new strategy for Afghanistan, taking into account the fact that Russia and China "can fill the political vacuum."

"Judging by the situation in Afghanistan (by the way, it is similar to countering the pandemic), the collective West is able to show its notorious" solidarity "only in two cases: 1) in relation to Russia, when Russophobia needs to be cut in, 2) in words," Zakharova wrote in your Telegram channel.

The situation in Afghanistan has become especially aggravated in recent weeks, with the onset of the radical Taliban * movement on large cities. On Sunday, media and sources said the rebels were in control of all border crossings. Later that day, militants said they had entered Kabul and taken control of the presidential palace. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he left the country "to prevent the massacre."