OREANDA-NEWS. September 22, 2016. Power management company Eaton today announced the new Large Tough Coil, a durable valve coil that can withstand environmental exposure, including high temperatures and rain, snow or freezing conditions. Ingress Protection (IP) 69K rated, the Large Tough Coil prevents water leakage, which can cause the coil to short and lead to machine downtime until the coil can be repaired or replaced.

“The new Large Tough Coil is rated to a higher level of environmental protection as compared to previous models, extending the life of the coil and keeping equipment up and running longer,” said Todd McIntyre, product manager, Global Planning and Strategy, Eaton’s Hydraulics Group. “Many mobile off-highway applications, particularly agricultural and construction equipment, are exposed to harsher environments. Our new coil helps these machines withstand these wash downs without requiring additional maintenance.”

To meet IP69K requirements, the Large Tough Coil is tested by exposing the coil to high temperature, high pressure water spray from multiple angles. The coil is then tested to assure it is still able to operate.

To learn more about Eaton’s new Large Tough Coil, visit www.eaton.com/SiCV

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