OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of the Centre is starting to perform the main activities of the repair program - one of the key components of the preparation for the season of the autumn-winter maximum of loads. The work starts at the end of the next autumn-winter period, when it becomes possible to decommission the equipment that is in need of repair, and is completed by the beginning of October. Its main volume is in the summer.

According to the plan, in the course of 2018, IDGC of Centre will perform major repairs of equipment at 745 substations of 35-110 kV, overhaul of 4,294 transformer substations and 14.4 thousand kilometres of overhead power lines (Conductors) of 0.4-110 kV. 11.3 thousand hectares of ROWs of overhead power lines of 0.4-110 kV will be cleared of wood and bush vegetation.

The largest number of substations of 35-110 kV, according to the plan, will be covered by repairs in the branches "Voronezhenergo" (150) and "Bryanskenergo" (123). The largest volume of overhaul of 0.4-110 kV overhead lines is planned in the branches "Belgorodenergo" and "Kurskenergo" (2.2 thousand km and 2.1 thousand km).

Among the large and significant facilities, where major repairs will be done - the 110 kV substations "Dormashevskaya" and "Zapadnaya" in the Bryansk region, "Alekseevskaya district" in the Belgorod region, "Terbuny" and "Gorokhovskaya" in the Lipetsk region, "Malinovka" in the Tambov region, "Left Bank" in the Yaroslavl region.

The Belgorod substation "Alekseevskaya district" feeds about 70 thousand consumers, including the town of Alekseevka and the town-forming enterprise of GC "Efko", which is one of the three largest companies of the Russian agro-industrial complex, a poultry farm, livestock complexes.

The substation "Dormashevskaya" in Bryansk supplies electricity to one of the oldest machine-building enterprises in Russia, the plant "Bryansk Arsenal" (part of the joint venture of Russian Machines and Terex Corporation RM-Terex), LLC "NPF Electroapparat" and a number of social facilities. The "Zapadnaya" feeding centre in Klintsy provides power output to social infrastructure facilities, a dairy plant, a garment factory and a gas filling station.

"Malinovka" is one of the main feeding centres of the Tambov region. It supplies electricity to 85 settlements, 32 hospitals, 43 schools and kindergartens, life support facilities. Among its large consumers is the oil pumping station "Malinovka", which is part of the structure of OJSC "Druzhba Main Oil Pipelines".

The substation "Left Bank" feeds consumers of the left-bank part of Rybinsk, the second largest city of the Yaroslavl region, factories of roofing materials and plastic products. The Lipetsk substations "Terbuny" and "Gorokhovskaya" feed a total of 43 settlements, including a city of regional subordination Zadonsk, more than 17 thousand people, seven schools, ten kindergartens and three hospitals.

Also in 2018, IDGC of the Centre plans to repair significant overhead power lines for regional power systems. Power engineers of the Tver branch of the company, in particular, will repair the 110 kV overhead lines "Nelidovo-Erokhino", participating in the power supply of the oil transfer station of the federal oil transit system, and "CHP-3 unit 2 - Kalininskaya" and "CHP-3-1TP-Kalininskaya" , included in the "city ring" of Tver. In the branch "Smolenskenergo" repair will be carried out at the 110 kV overhead line "Safonovo-Liteinyaya", which takes part in the feed of OJSC "Yartsevsky Foundry", the leading enterprise in the region for production of cast iron.

Specialists of the branch "Orelenergo" will perform comprehensive overhaul of the 110 kV overhead line "Livny-Dolgoye No. 1" in Dolzhansky district. The line feeds the 10/35/10 kV substation "Dolgoye", which provides electricity to the district’s consumers, including the Dolzhansky central district hospital and the enterprise of the large regional agricultural holding "Yunost". In the Tambov region, the 110 kV overhead line "Kotovskaya-Uvarovskaya I, II circuit" will be repaired, from which the substation 110 kV "Uvarovskaya" is fed, supplying electricity to consumers of three districts - Uvarovsky, Muchkapsky and Zherdevsky.

The implementation of the repair program of IDGC of Centre will ensure the quality and reliability of electricity supply to consumers in 11 constituents of the Central Federal District, and will largely contribute to the smooth and stable operation of the company’s electric grid complex in these regions during the period of the autumn-winter maximum of loads.