OREANDA-NEWS. Russian gas supplied to Europe via the Nord Stream gas pipeline is four times more environmentally friendly than gas supplied to Europe from the United States, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said in response to a statement from the US Secretary of Energy.

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that Russian gas is very polluting. First of all, this is gas from the Russian Federation, which is planned to be supplied through Nord Stream 2. Granholm, criticizing Nord Stream 2, said the pipeline was "very dangerous - it supplies the dirtiest form of natural gas on Earth."

Novak replied that "there is a lot of hype now on the topic of environmental friendliness of this or that product. However, if you approach this issue seriously and operate with objective data, it turns out the opposite."

"Russian gas supplied to Europe via Nord Stream, according to various analytical and consulting agencies, has almost 4 times less carbon footprint per kWh than gas supplied to Europe from the United States. with the fact that in the United States, most of the gas is produced from shale rocks using hydraulic fracturing, "Novak recalled.

Hydraulic fracturing is recognized by international ecologists as the most barbaric technology in the world - with the injection of chemicals into wells, causing the greatest harm to the environment: chemicals mix with groundwater and poison the environment.

"Russia pays great attention to ensuring environmental leadership and supplying our partners with clean energy," the Russian Deputy Prime Minister stressed in response.