OREANDA-NEWS. Gazprom did not reserve the volume of additional capacities for gas transit through Ukraine in October, according to data from the Hungarian trading platform RBP.

In total, at the auction on Monday, it was proposed to book transit capacities for October in the amount of 9.8 million cubic meters of gas per day.

Ukraine, in the context of record exchange gas prices and the refusal of a direct contract with Gazprom, found itself in an extremely disadvantageous position, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Batkivshchyna, the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Energy and Housing and utilities Aleksey Kucherenko.

"We, unfortunately, set ourselves up. And in this situation, I do not exclude that, depending on the temperature in winter, in December-January there may be a situation when there will not be enough gas volumes," the parliamentarian expressed his opinion.

According to him, in these conditions Ukraine will probably have to raise the issue of concluding a direct contract for gas supplies with Gazprom, as "life will push it towards this." "I do not exclude that we really, when there is an imbalance, both in price and physically, we will have to talk about a direct contract (for gas supplies. - editor's note)," Kucherenko said.

At the same time, he said that with a 99 percent probability Ukraine will face problems in the issue of electricity generation. "Because there is a shortage of three million tons of coal, and we will have to ask for electricity, do you know from whom?" - the deputy asked a rhetorical question.