OREANDA-NEWS. The decision, made by the USA on Nord Stream 2, was really important, but now further decisions are needed that will reduce the anxieties about the project. This was said in an interview with RIA Novosti by the political director of the German Foreign Ministry Jens Plötner.

Plötner said in this regard: “In our opinion, from an energy policy point of view, Nord Stream 2 is still a viable project. A number of European companies are involved in its implementation, and it complies with the current EU legal norms. The decision of the US administration to suspend some of the sanctions against Nord Stream 2 was important. We now have the opportunity, in partnership with all project participants, to begin looking for solutions that would allay the concerns associated with it. Among them is the question of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine. "

"The key for the Federal Government was and still remains that even after the commissioning of Nord Stream 2, gas transit through the territory of Ukraine continues and that the energy security of Ukraine is ensured. We are ready to jointly with the EU to undertake efforts to extend the agreement on gas transit for the period after 2024, "Pötner added.