OREANDA-NEWS. The German newspaper Handelsblatt spoke about the possible impact of the agreements with the United States on cooperation between Berlin and Moscow. In particular, concerns were also raised about the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

"Until now, the White House has tried to exert pressure without affecting the German partners. However, the warnings against Berlin sound quite frank," the article says.

The author of the material listed three factors that, in his opinion, can allegedly affect the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project. Each of the points in one way or another turned out to be connected with Washington.

For example, the first "risk" for the project is the "zugzwang of President Joe Biden" (a chess term meaning the deterioration of a player's position with any move). Thus, the Germans fear that the struggle of the American Congress with the pipeline will lead to Biden's forced refusal from the dialogue with Berlin.

Also, the author of the article is concerned about the new German government, in which he now sees a "factor of instability." It is noted that the predecessors warned Congress against new sanctions and knew how to defend the interests of Germany, including those concerning Nord Stream 2, in the international arena.

The third "danger" in the article called the situation on the Russian border. Now Washington is accusing Moscow of its alleged intentions to invade a neighboring country. The Russian authorities have repeatedly reminded Western politicians that any movement of troops takes place within the country and that no third country, including its neighbors, is threatened by Russia.
"And this is not the only drama on Capitol Hill. Winter will make you look in a new way at the transatlantic partnership and the course of the Biden presidency," the author concluded.